Acne 04 - 2021

Don’t give up. Give more (to your skin)

As the excitement of the new decade begins to fade, it may also become harder to stay committed to those new year, new me resolutions. If this is the case for you, we have three words for you: we get it. 
We personally believe that starting ‘fresh’ does not have to take place on January 1st. You can start fresh any time you want! 
If you’re like us and starting to frame out your resolutions, ahem, a few extra weeks into the new year – why not focus on something more, instead of less? All of this ‘giving up’ talk can be exhausting and a little demotivating. This year, why not try to give more? But give more to what?
You guessed it. Give more to your skin. 
They say good things take time (and investment!). Here are a few examples of ways to give more to your skin:
Write down your symptoms
Meet with a specialist
Take your skincare routine and the advice from previously mentioned specialist seriously.

Most of the stuff that’s good for you is truly worth the wait. Quick fixes are not usually common when dealing with chronic skin conditions and sometimes it may take time to see results. 
That’s why you should consider adding Kleresca® to your skin-giving list. Optimal results show around 12-18 weeks after you begin treatment and can last up to one year and above. 
Make the most of this year by giving more, not less. At least when it comes to your skin.

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